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This is a cheer-up for Celebi9! The second one is for me

She’s going through a bit of a tough spot right now, so I drew these to give her a bit of a boost :3 You should also follow her, since she’s literally one of THE nicest people I ever met, and a is an incredibly talented artist. Please follow her she’s the best <3

I designed spider finn btw (TM) (R) (C)

Also drew the flower because that didn’t get enough damn screentime >:I

"What do you like to read?"

"yaoi fanfiction hentai boyxboy that means boy kissing dont like dont read"

Are you taking draw requests?

maybe some dumb doodle ones if i feel like it


"im gonna draw finn REAL BADASS!!!!!"

(fart noise)


thank yoy for being incapable of drawing badass finn

this finn is 100 times better

anyone drawy online who wanna iscribble with me?


I want to have an episode that will be a direct follow up to the flashback from Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

Like was Jake and Jermaine already born when their parents brought Finn in? What made them name Finn like that? Did they try to look for Finn’s parents?

Apparently Finn got his name because they thought he was a kind of mudfish
Fish? Fin? Finn




tbh i love those fucked up gifs that make everyone react like “wtf”

give me an example




Pokes butt


"destroy biphobia 2014" has been extended to forever. mark your calenders accordingly.

My calendar has forever been that way